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Locktainer 200
  Technical specifications
Locktainer 200
Conforms new ISO PAS 17712

Intermodal High Security Seal

Everything a real Security Seal should be…

The Locktainer™ 200 by Universeal, is probably the most widely used Container Seal in the world. We have referenced users for it in over 150 countries.
The Locktainer™ 200 is not only a strong security seal, it is the safest of them all…Thanks to its fully encapsulated markings, total customization and user friendliness, the Locktainer™ 200 is in a class of its own…

Main Applications

Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.


Steel pin and barrel both covered with ABS plastic.


1,3 T pull load.


Red, yellow, green, blue, grey, orange or white.
Dedicated color optional for large users.

Encapsulated markings

According to our Integral design, your company's name and the serial number are encapsulated inside a transparent plastic shield. Any attempt at tampering with the markings will destroy the seal.


User corporate logo can be molded on the head of the shaft. Packaging

See Technical specifications

Ease of use

Seal is easy to apply; no tools are required, just snap the pin into
the barrel.
A big bolt cutter is required to cut the pin leaving the seal
damaged beyond repair.


L200 conforms:
US Customs
UK Customs Group 1
Taiwan Customs
EEC Customs (ZKA)
ISO/PAS 17712
ASTM F-1157

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